Enhance Customer Experience by Proactively Listening to the Voice Of your Customers

Ransys Feedback Technologies is a global leading provider of Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) solutions that leads organizations to a new level in their ability to be "Attentive" to the Voice of their Customers and helps them to implement an effective ongoing improvement processes, which are crucial for organizations seeking to better understand their customers, improve customer service, reduce churn, promote customer loyalty and retention, and increase bottom and top line revenues.

Ransys also enables organizations to fully monitor and manage all relevant customer feedbacks on a proactive and ongoing manner using one consolidated feedback platform, which in turn reduce operational costs.


Metropolitan Retail success story...

Watch the video to see how Ransys' Attentive ACE® Solution has changed the customer perspective of Metropolitan Retail (a leading global Financial Institute)


New Article from Ransys CEO!!!

by Eyal Barnea, CEO, Ransys

Customer Feedback Management - Closing the CRM Loop...

"Customer centric organizations should strive to align Voice Of the Customer Data with standard and traditional CRM operational data to achieve a holistic and balanced understanding of customers' perceptions and needs"; Jim Davis Senior Research Director Gartner 2008.
In today's very aggressive competition within the business world, organizations understand that in order to become truly customer centric, they need to utilize the Voice of the Customer in their ongoing business operations. In a recent study, Gartner suggests that CRM systems should be synergized with customer feedback solutions for a complete picture of customers' perceptions and needs.

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Latest news...

Mutual and Federal, a leading South African Insurance Institute, decided to implement Ransys' Attentive ACE solution in its Claims Division

Shufersal, Israel's largest retail chain, decided to implement Ransys' Attentive ACE solution in more than 70 branches

Comair, a leading South African Airline, implemented Ransys' new dashboard called Attentive Insight

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